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Want to Address Continuous Improvement Initiatives – Air Sanitation Should Be Looked At!

ChemStation Boston has added a new line of innovative products focused on Air Sanitation that uses chlorine dioxide powders that are simple to disperse through innovative packaging and in a safe manner. There is no generator system required to deploy this technology. 


Jim Nissi explains that there has been great feedback from Food and Beverage plants enthusiastic about rolling out these solutions to address the following:


Food Processing

Many operating areas of food processing present hard to clean spaces like room walls/ceilings, drain lines, HVAC coils and plenums, coolers, cellars, pasteurizer head and materials storage areas. Often surfaces in these areas will develop biological films that impart off flavors, odors and even loss of product shelf life. The air filtration products release a harmless but effective chlorine dioxide gas uniquely designed to aid in maintaining clean surfaces in these areas by destroying and filtering odors and organisms.


Another aspect of Air Sanitation technology inside food plants is the use of it as microbiological intervention. Meat, Poultry, Seafood and Vegetable processors are starting to take notice.


Brewery Plants

Our Air Sanitation products treat room air, removing odors and filtering airborne microorganism. These products release a small but effective amount of chlorine dioxide that acts as a powerful oxidizer that destroys these compounds in cask rooms, cleaning the headspace of bottle / canning pasteurizers, and other hard to clean spaces. These products are also suited to help maintain grain silos prevention loss due molds or decay. Our Air Sanitation line of products are constructed to allow for use as coil cleaners, small room cleaning interventions and novel interventions for cask cleaning and cork cleaning. Lastly, every Brewery should look at this technology to clean drain lines preventing odor and reducing buildup on vertical sections of the drain.


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