ChemStation International

NEW - Cloud Based Customer Portal

ChemStation-Boston launches its innovative Customer Portal as part of its offering to their Food and Beverage customers. The portal makes management of a company's chemical program that much easier where data is organized in easy-to-access folders.


Annual updates to common folders such as SDS Sheets gives our customers piece of mind that their records are current. Monthly reports such as usage information, service reports and titration data are all readily available for easy audit/compliance inquiries.


Our Customer Portal integrates with our Service Management system so we are able to provide a complete history of your account.


Lastly, we provide access to an array of innovative dispensing equipment, chemical supplies, P.P.E. and testing kit products all with the intent to enhance your chemical program.


“This is a game changer for our Food and Beverage customers” says Jim Nissi, VP & General Manager of ChemStation-Boston. “Previous to this tool we struggled with updating and sustaining data records; simply put, easily accessible data to both our Food and Beverage Team and customers was difficult to manage. This tool brings it all together.”



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